A little of everything

Looking things from a distance help once a while having a bigger picture and it can help you see that everything in your life is needed to complete it and make it all beautiful.

Some things might look insurmountable and some things might look easier… it is all about your personal perception and all about how you might think you need to go through them alone.

Take for example that photo in this article… it was taken in Chamonix when I visited a few years ago. Those peaks that seems out of reach can be hiked with the right practice, the right experience and the right mentor… and the right mindset.

The flowers in the front are part of the same scenery yet, it looks like two complete different seasons out there. We tend to make things one way or the other when in fact all can be in.

Same goes with your life and with what you are doing. It does not have to be all in or all out, and it does not have to always be one or the other.

It goes also for all that you experience in your life. Sometimes, you might think that a task or a dream is impossible to achieve or that it is too big to be possible. There comes in some “timing” issues. The things that seems too big to achieve or impossible to attain are simply because you are not fully ready for it… yet. Once you are and once the perfect conditions are all aligned for it to be a successful achievement… it will happen… if you still desire it.

In life, it takes a little bit of everything to be beautiful, otherwise you could not see what is and what is not if all was alike. And those things you might like less are allowing you to know what you like and what you do not and what you desire and what you do not.

Once a while, when you think that some things are not good and should not even be happening… take a step back, look from a distance to see how they perfectly fit on this life path of yours to achieve happiness and make it all the way to your goals and dreams.

Nathalie 🙂



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