Express your uniqueness

What does expressing yourself in all your uniqueness mean to you?

It might mean something different from one person to another because we are all unique, therefore allow yourself to be who you are… who you are in your heart.

Do you express that uniqueness or do you suppress it thinking it might not be acceptable for some?

Open yourself to the infinite possibilities you can be or that you already are and do not let your Ego bring doubts into your mind; and… if you doubt… well that is who you are… and you are allowed to express it.

Allow yourself to be who you are, the way you are, when you are. You are work in progress and you are learning all your life, therefore, what you might have expressed may years ago might not be accurate anymore. You are allowed to change, and you can of course express that change.

Do not be afraid to express yourself in all your uniqueness.

Nathalie 🙂



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