Thank you!

Today I would like to say Thank you!

Thank you for reading me.

I always get a warm feeling when I know someone read my articles even if I do not always know who it is as if you are not a WordPress member it does not show… unless you liked it and unless you liked a link on my FB page or my Instagram page.

I also would like to say thank you for the ones who make me discover new places on this planet I have never heard of before… like Vanuatu. I immediately went on Google to discover that amazingly beautiful place that is now on my bucket list of places to visit.

Thank you also for sharing with me this beautiful desire of awareness.

Thank you for trusting my inspirations, as each article is really fully inspired. Before I sit down to write, I never know what it will be about, as I do not look in advance where I am at, as I am following my older Instagram posts that serves me here to write daily. I have often been surprised to see that what I was writing to myself earlier that day… was going to be part of the article to write. I am always so thankful for that.

Some days I felt like I would have liked to write a few articles in advance so I could have a week off writing… but something keeps me from doing this… as these articles also serves me as a reminder or as a deepening of the subject or a tool to help someone specific that day.

Sometimes, I look at the image for the article to write and I think of maybe just writing a few words, like not more than a paragraph… and I end up writing more and those  articles seem to be inspirations for others as they are the ones with the most like. The Universe has a funny way of making you work sometimes. 🙂

Thank you also for forgiving the few mistakes you might find here and there as I do write in English, but it is not my first language.

So today it is about thanking you readers… you make this blogging for me possible. You make this shining light on life path mission possible for me, no matter how many of you are reading it.

Have a wonderful day!

Nathalie 🙂



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Thank you!




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