Work on your dream

Work on you dream like if it was a full-time job and your own business… which is in a way.

Yes… you have time. You do not spend all of your 24 hours of 365 days a year at work even if you have multiple jobs and yes even if you are a very busy person or mother or… you still have time to work on your dreams… if not… might be a good time to start.

You can either put some time on your schedule or just go with the flow on inspired ideas… but do not just let it aside thinking you have not enough time to realize your dreams.

The time you might think of something is productivity… and will make it happen. Just like at some jobs, there is brainstorming time or organizing time… it is the same with your own dream.

And just like at work, some things take time… so is your dream or parts of it to make it happen.

You can accomplish it the same way you accomplish any task you do.

Sometimes, there are some type of jobs you would like to do yet you need either more skills or more learning to do so… and for a job you really want you might decide to take some classes in order to get the position you would like to… what about your dream? You can do the same thing.

There might be also some position you are not quite ready for it yet and with more experience you could get a promotion or a better position in another company… same goes with a dream… it is lifework in progress.

There might be things you tried and it did not work even though you felt passionate about it and you really loved it… maybe in a few years you will try again and it might be the perfect timing, the better conditions and your better skills that can make it work, so do not give up on a dream… let it happen when it is meant to happen. Just follow your intuition when all the conditions will direct you to try again.

You might be surprised on how the second time or third time is the one that will be the little miracle you were dreaming of… that the previous times were not leading you to this fulfilled dream.

So work on your dream like you would do for any business. There are some parts where actions will be required and some parts necessitating only logic organization.

Do not forget to remind yourself the inner reasons you wanted that dream.

Do not forget to follow your intuition and inspirations and do not forget that there is a lot of Universe teams, helpers and guides that can come and shine light on your path when needed, or bring you the help you need for a specific task… co-create it… and see it happen.

Nathalie 🙂



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