Be good to yourself

It is exactly this… be good to yourself.

Be good to yourself when things are going great.

Be good to yourself when things are not going as you would like them to.

Be good to yourself when you are happy.

Be good to yourself when you are sad.

Be good to yourself like you would for someone you love and really care for.

Learn to love yourself… fully… and truly.

Respect yourself, your desires, your needs and your heart.

This does not mean that all is unicorn and fairytale, it means that you are doing your best with yourself as you do with others… and that you forgive yourself like you would forgive someone else… when needed. 

Life is work in progress so what you knew and did in the past was your best then… today you know different and you do different… it does not make it better or worse. It simply is.

Be good to yourself in accepting who you are and your new desires and your new goals and your new you.

Be good to yourself… you are here for your own evolution.

Nathalie 🙂



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