Emotional procrastination

Procrastinating is when you delay an action… for many reasons. It is when you decide to postpone something…. either because you avoid it or by habits or…

Often, people think of procrastination when it comes to something tangible to do… but what about your negative emotions that mean something needs your attention? Attention either within yourself or in your surroundings.

Do you procrastinate on taking care of your emotions? Do you procrastinate on taking care of what caused those negative emotions and need to be worked on?

Emotional procrastination creates the difficult situations that were not handled and with time, became overwhelming; it creates conflicts, it creates disconnection, it creates misunderstanding… and so much more.

To stop procrastinating you simply need to accept the emotions, understand why you feel them, understand what needs to be worked on and take inspired actions so you can move on to positive ones. Yes sometimes it might me a long process.

Not doing a task that is waiting for you does not always mean you are procrastinating unless you are avoiding it. Some tasks are there to be done later or at a certain time or with certain people. Same goes for your emotions.

An emotion that does not make you feel good and cut yourself from your own creativity, from doing all you could do… is not one to avoid. It is one to not procrastinate on.

Some people made a habit to avoid dealing with their feelings… some do it intentionally and some do it because they prefer doing that to avoid the work it will cause… or the disagreement it can create… or the unpleasant situation it might cause… just the same way people avoid some tasks.

Unfortunately, that creates negative energy and can interfere with your creativity.

You might have never linked the two together, but it is related. Take time to observe this in your own life.

Do not let your negative emotions trap your creativity.

Nathalie 🙂



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