Not leveled

The way to your dreams does not have to be leveled to be beautiful.

Your journey will be filled with experiences, challenges and obstacles.

When you understand that all of that is part of what makes it all beautiful as it can be, and all of that are your personal life lessons so you can be a better you, and you can find your Authentic self by using your personal skills and knowledge and wisdom to walk that not leveled path, then you will know that it does not have to be leveled to be beautiful and guide you toward your dreams, in fact, all of that… is… beautiful… with some beauty in disguised.

A path not leveled does not mean it is not fun and it is not beautiful, it simply means that you might not always see as far as you would love to, or you may not know what is coming next… which is always up to you to make it beautiful or not… it is your own focus point and your own perception remember?

It also might mean you will have to keep your focus on the now, but you can always look up to see how beautiful the big picture is or can be.

Sometimes, you may level the way yourself for a little while, or others might come and help you, however, do not believe that it needs to be flat, level, easy or smooth in order to be beautiful and enriching.

Also… do not compare your leveled or not leveled path with others as everyone have different skills and different life lessons and of course different dreams… so what seems to be flat or worse on other’s journey… is still a focus point with your own skills and life lessons, your personal perception, therefore it could be difficult to fully understand that others’ experiences, challenges and obstacles are also there in their life to make the others a better version of themselves.

When you do actually accept this fact of life… experiences, challenges and obstacles will never have the same meaning for you anymore.

You might also become more appreciative of your not leveled path that is actually bringing you closer and closer to your dreams… if you follow your inner guidance through it.

Nathalie 🙂



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