That Amazing you

Today, I would like to invite you to acknowledge that you are amazing and that you have a unique power in yourself to create what you desire.

Do you allow that inner power to exist? Do you let that inner power be? Do you keep it quiet with an Ego authority?

When you feel discordance… you are restraining that power to freely do its work which is to guide you towards your desires.

When you feel drained… you are restraining that power to help you with guidance, and it might be hard to listen to your inner voice that you might have pushed way down.

When your heart screams for help… let your inner power bring back the amazing you that you are.

Let your unique power in yourself move you to the right direction… which sometimes is where you are… and be still. Simply be still and wait.

Follow your intuition to take action… and… do not over do it… that would be listening to your Ego. Wait for the next intuitive inspiration for the following step and open yourself to allow your unique power to create waves and see also what is coming to you to help you be that amazing you.

Courage comes when you act on inspired actions.

Strength comes when you ask the Universe to help you.

Let your inner and unique power to help you with courage and strength.

Nathalie 🙂



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