Sometimes, no matter how you say the truth… if the person is not in a receptive mode… as clear as you can be, it is like having an Ego veil blocking the message. There is a miscommunication issue. You might feel it and it is real.

It might even create more questions than answers can be given.

You might feel inclined to stop talking and it could be your inspired action.

You might also feel the need to pursue in changing the words, the intonation or even your physical position if you are face to face to cut the non-receptive momentum; but once that is done, your part might be done and it will be for another time.

Often, truth is better served one slice at a time… because the receiver might have to digest it partly and progressively. You also have to respect that.

Other times, it can be also because the person would rather hear something pleasing the Ego which is certainly not the truth.

No matter the situation and the reasons, someone not in a receptive mode will not hear the message the heart can hear.

What about you? Do you receive truthful messages with your Ego or with your heart? Do you tend to be in a reactive mode when you are given a true message, either from a colleague, a friend or one of your spiritual guides?

Clarity and communication are not only in the giver but in the receiver energy as well. Whether you are the giver of the message or the receiver of the message… allow the receptivity of the message with a full heart’s openness.

Transparency is the key in delivering a truth. Transparency and wisdom. Some might think that saying everything, with hurtful details is being transparent… that would be an Ego base transparency.

Transparency is what you heart wants to say in that truth… doing this way… you will have a better chance at facing someone with a better receptivity.

Nathalie 🙂



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