Home sweet home

Home is where you are authentic, where you are your best you without filter.

Have you ever felt that sense of feeling like home somewhere else? That happens when you feel yourself and where it feels good and aligned with your essence. Where the energy is matching who you are when you are there. It does not mean you have reached that Authentic self yet, but it means that you are being yourself in that moment, in that place… but let’s go further than this physical and energy feeling.

Home is where you are yourself and when you are yourself.

Home is when you are in sync with your heart and finally meet your highest self.

Home is where that highest self… is your home sweet home.

Home is when you are the best version of you with no filter.

Home is when you are being aligned with your Authentic self, your soul’s desire, your Spirit, the essence of who you are.

Home is happiness without effort.

To get home, it is work in progress.

Believing in your intuition and your inner compass will guide you home.

Sometimes you might walk the journey alone because you received indications for the next steps and sometimes, you might need a little push from your divine helpers. Ask the Universe for the right helpers so you do not choose one making you take some side roads along the way, although we know by now those detours are not a loss but beautiful opportunities to master some life lessons.

Home is where you assume all of who you are and what you love secretly… openly. It does not mean you will get on a roof and scream it to the world, but you will not hide yourself in any ways.

Home is when you feel so at peace with yourself and who you are that nothing can come and shake your ground.

Home is where you are solid as a rock.

Home is more than being aligned, it is knowing that this alignment is your essence, it is the core of who you are and became.

Home is pure Love.

Home is when you are your true self, when you are honest with yourself and when you do not need to hide your thoughts even to yourself trying to convince yourself.

Home… is when your physical you is aligned with your spiritual you.

Nathalie 🙂



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