Why make it simple when it can be complicated :)

You might have heard before that we are spiritual being living a human existence.

In other words …


Some of us are here. Some of us are not.

The ones that are here are here to expand the Universe. The ones that are not here, are there to help the ones that are here.

That is why we are limitless. This-is-why-we-are-limitless.


It is as simple as this!

So simple yet so complicate to fully integrate it.

We are spiritual being living a human existence. We search all our lives some sort of balance between our material and spiritual world; that perfect equilibrium. We tend to make it complicate… when it is in fact very simple.

Whatever your cultural background and your belief system are, there has been all over the World beliefs, wisdom and knowledge to support that some of us are here, and some of us aren’t, whether you call them angel, archangels, guides, spirits… or any other beliefs and names you might have, it does not matter.

This being said… I will invite you to a simple exercise today… read again that first part so your Ego can hear it enough, so you can hear it too and be open minded about the fact that we are co-creator.

This might be why some might say we are the creator of our own world, while others may say we have a destiny and we just walk along the path designed for us, and also why some might say nothing is ever happening and do not understand the reason why they are even here. That disconnection with the helpers might bring a lot of emotions mostly negatives ones and a lot of questions.

So yes, read it again and again and again 🙂 It is worth the time.

Maybe take notes of what come up while you read it and hear yourself say it. Follow those hints and intuitions your inner guidance and your own helpers will send you.

Follow the lead… as it might help you make something complicate… simple.

Nathalie 🙂




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Thank you!

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