Are you a detail-oriented person?

Do you easily pay attention to the details?

Do you effortlessly see and understand the why and how either from a result or to get a result?

Do you have a very sharp observer point of view?

Now… the major question… do you do the same with your personal life?

Because it might be like a second nature which can be very handy and necessary in many occasions, this is also why it might be hard to let go the detail part to the Universe when you follow your dream.

It might be very hard to let go of that natural way of working when you work with the Universe on some project of yours.

It becomes very easy to get trapped into the details… and get stuck or feel there are unnecessary delays. Those are not quite unnecessary as they are the faith and trust life lessons, if I can call them like that.

When you get trapped into the details of your personal life, your Ego can easily take control and you are not leaving much room for the Universe to show you the way. You might find yourself co-creating with other people’s Ego instead of co-creating with the Universe.

When you get trapped into the details of your personal life, you might be working on the wrong task, okay maybe not wrong, but one that might create a detour.

When you have that natural tendency to see details, self-alignment is your key to success.

The only way you can let go of the detail controlling you can be good at will be to align yourself with your inner guidance and your highest self so you can look into the proper details. You do not have to let go of your skill; you simply need to make sure you have the right guidance.

When you feel trapped into the details of your life, it means you are not aligned to the right guidance, your inner guidance.  You might find yourself overwhelmed with all the details.

Following your inner guidance will help you to not get trapped into the details.

Enjoy the details of your life… the divine details. The ones that you will feel inspired to work on and the ones that you will see with your heart.

Nathalie 🙂



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