Tender loving care

Do you give your tender loving care to your work, to all the tasks on your schedule?

Do you give the same loving energy to your work as you do to taking care of a love one?

Do you bring the same tenderness to your tasks as you would for any other activity you enjoy doing?

Do you care as much for the work you have to do as you would for anyone you love dearly?

Calculate how many hours a day, or a week you spend working. Those many hours are filled with tasks that are your responsibilities, you are the one performing them so why not doing them with tender loving care?

Some tasks might not be on your favorite list, yet, they are yours and you spend minutes on them, minutes of your energy and minutes of your focus, so focus and perform them with your heart… with some tender loving care. Doing so is an uplift to your energy level.

When you “have” to do something “anyway”, why not be present while doing it. It is your life after all. It is your present moment. The more you are kind with your present moment, the better the next moment will be.

When you get angry or when you must do something that is really not getting the best out of you, then be gentle with yourself, be kind to yourself as soon as you notice it. Even angels get frustrated. So I’ve heard. You are allowed to the same tender loving care from yourself as you give to others. Nurturing yourself is part of your balance.

Your day might be divided in doing some work-related tasks, some family obligations and activities, some personal obligations and activities, plus probably other tasks, and it does not matter in which category it fits, each one should be done with the same tender loving care and attention and focus and desire to complete it the best way you can.

Take the time to look at what you are not as keen to do… and observe yourself and your thoughts. Be aware of the way you care for it and the energy that comes with the way you care for it. Shift that energy, level up that energy in changing the way you might care for it and go with some tender loving care as much as you can.

It’s a nice way to start. It does not matter how important or not it is. It does not matter how big the result from that task is or how it will affect something bigger or not. Just do it with your tender and loving care as it is your present moment, your life.

Nathalie 🙂



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