Drifting away

Did you build that boat or thought you did, and the current is either stagnant or pushing you somewhere else where some explanation would be more than welcome?

Have you ever experienced a situation where you thought you built your boat to get to your dream and it still did not seem to lead you anywhere?

Maybe you built that boat… but be patient… as it does not mean you will get there in a minute, a day or even a month… if not more.

You might ask yourself then what’s next? Maybe you even feel afraid that it is sinking because before you built it, you had hopes to reach that dream and now that you built that boat to get to it and you embark on it leaving all behind and not seeing the dream destination in the horizon, you might feel like you are drifting away.

When you feel drifting away, without even seeing a bird around showing you it is not far anymore, you may feel you are rowing alone, and you may lose hope. Yes, there might be a sail, and you believe there is one helping you, but there seems to be not much wind in you favor.

Your dream is still out there… and yes you might be drifting away… it does not mean you will not get there. Allow yourself time to get here.

It might have been easier to put your faith and hope in that boat you built: your experiences, your services, your skills, your knowledge, or whatever you are and that you built to help you achieve your dream, to make it happen. You might even see others doing good with similar dreams and boats.

That drifting away time can bring you to investigate yourself to a deeper level and re-evaluate everything. It is good! It will allow you to state clearly what is part of that dream and what isn’t.

It does not mean you do not trust yourself and you lack confidence but it might shake your trust and your faith in yourself.

This is when all you can do is… keep drifting away… and observe. Look up at the sky and all that is around you. It is beautiful and unique, and you can only see it because you are drifting away.

You might have to dive deep into yourself to enjoy that part of the journey, but it is possible.

Drift away until the wind picks up, since rowing would be useless as you have no clue of the time and the timing trying to point North using the sun.

Drift away until the wind picks up or until a bird comes by telling you that you are close enough to see your destination… then you can row again with that new eagerness to get there.

Drifting away is not a bad thing… but rowing in all direction will only decrease your energy level and increase your worries.

You understand of course the analogy of this with when you are trying to reach a goal and no matter what you do after setting up all that you could, it does not seem to get any results… this is your drifting away part.

Stop and look up at the sky… it is resting time… maybe the rest you did now allow yourself. You are not sinking you are drifting away.

Nathalie 🙂



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