No risky business

Sometimes under the powerful energy of action influence, there is a no risky business energy as well.

Those are the days when you might be all fired up with actions in mind, wonderful ideas that keep coming in, yet it feels more like and planning and strategizing time for those ideas and actions… more than doing them.

Those are what I call the “no risky business” days. Those are the days when only instant inspired actions are the ones to follow for that day. The better you will become at hearing those inspired actions, the more challenging episodes you might experience like days when you feel ready to work hard but working hard on what?

It does not mean you will not work on your tasks and your goals towards your dream, but you might be working more on the planning and organizing part so you do not end up in a risky business as the powerful action energy is pushing you forward.

That is when you feel the energy to move, and move on, yet you are not sure of the next step and you also do not have a wish to scattered yourself all over your own path.

This is also when you might have mixed emotions in your doing and your knowing; when you know what maybe you could do, and your heart is not in sync with it… at all

Those are some signs telling you that there is an action influence in the air, but it is the planning time and strategizing time of those actions, the setting goals time, the working at planning it… which is the action to do.

Be aware of your Ego leading your actions. As much as pushing your limits and keeping an open mind is good for your expansion, some days are no risk days.

Listen to your feelings and your inner voice. A no risky business day does not come from fear of taking a risk, it is simply an action day where enough will be satisfying and make you feel complete.

Nathalie 🙂



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