The way they are

Let your uniqueness be.

All of your life, you have been going through challenges and experiences that made you who you are. Do you allow yourself to be you, your unique you?

Through life experiences, cultural background and education, everyone picks up things along the way that makes them who they are, just like you did… things you might try to reprogram or change growing up. This is personal development and spiritual awareness, no mater what your belief system is.

Each one of us is unique and each one of us is working… or not… at finding that uniqueness.

You are unique and you own it to yourself to stay that unique that you are.

It does not mean you cannot do or dress like someone else, it means that no matter what you do or which crowd you hang with or wherever you work at, you have your own mind and your own thoughts, your own perception… going through the same motion as others but still being yourself.

That uniqueness makes you different. Let that uniqueness be.

Be yourself and be open minded so you will expand to a better you and a stronger you.

Through all of your dreams and all of your goals, that uniqueness is what will make it the result you are looking for, the success you might work to attain. Allow your uniqueness to be when you are reaching for those dreams and goals.

This being said… do you allow the others to be who they are?

Do you allow the others’ uniqueness to be?

When someone must do a task, of course certain tasks might be expected to be done a certain way and with a deadline and even maybe with some sort of a company signature… that is a task, that is not you.  A job, a task or a uniform does not take away your uniqueness. It is simply and outside condition; it is an environment.

The more you develop that self-awareness and the better relationship you will have with your inner guidance, the more you can remain your unique you in those kinds of outside conditions and environment.

Let your uniqueness be… and let the others be the way they are.

Nathalie 🙂



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