Protect yourself from yourself

Protecting yourself from yourself so you can shine mean hearing your self talk that do not serve your highest good.

You read about Ego before and that subject is a life long learning process. Saying to your Ego thank you I can take it from here (see earlier article about this) is not as easy as saying it

Your Ego is the best teacher you can have as it is always pin pointing on what you have to work on although it is not always understood.

Have a conversation with your Ego who is always trying to protect you, as negative as it might sometimes be, as soon as you hear it… but do it the other way around. It is one of the many tool to protect yourself from yourself.

When you do… and you would like to quiet your mind, here is a little way to do so… here is a little conversation you can have with your Ego…

Okay. What you are saying served me in the past when I had less possibilities and when I had less wisdom and alignment, so thank you Ego for your desire to protect me. I already know what you suggest and yes I am going differently about this, and yes I am going with uncertainty for you and me, still, I say yes thank you again for this awareness, but I can handle this as I am not alone handling it. Just sit back and watch so you can have a new story to tell me about this in the future, a new idea to push next.”

As simple as it seems… such a conversation is not hiding anything, it is not avoiding what is, it is being aware of what is going through your mind and just like you would do to a friend, you can calm down and uplift a little in a very short time.  

You might feel a shift in your energy when you do.

Adding your own image or vision of what is going on and where you are heading to your words will create the same type of conversation you would have with a dear friend you are trying to help without over doing it.

Protect yourself from yourself mean protect your heart from your Ego.

Protect yourself using your inner guidance to speak and using your inner light to shine some positivity on your negativity.

Try it either in your own words or using those ones.

Drop those not necessary shields.

Nathalie 🙂



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