Go with the flow

Between inspired actions, remember to peacefully go with the flow.

Once you are inspired and acting upon those inspirations, surf the wave and go at it.

When you are done with those actions… what’s next?

Go with the flow.

Do not rush anything. Simply enjoy what is so you can hear and receive some more inspired actions.

It is as simply as this… yet, it is where many other things can be happening except that… going with the flow. The Ego loves filling up those moments either with finding ways to control that time or in making you feel guilty for not doing anything or not being productive enough.

Going with the flow means you are not forcing anything to happen.

Going with the flow means you are enjoying the present moment.

Going with the flow means you are living what is and you are feeling what is, whether it is positive or negative.

When you are going through challenges, life process and life moments are the same as when all is going top notch. The emotions are different, the energy is different, but you can have inspired actions and between those moments… go with the flow so you can listen and hear better.

It is far from being counterproductive… it is like receiving the information and planning for the next step, just like you would be sitting in an office meeting waiting for the boss to arrive and share the plans with you then telling you what is your part in this and your next action. Going with the flow between inspired actions is that… waiting for the Universe to let you know what your right next best action is.

You already have skills and wisdom to keep you busy and productive.

Going with the flow is also being productive…simply not on your Ego timing, so between inspired actions, remember to peacefully go with the flow.

Nathalie 🙂



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