Conquering yourself

You can have the energy to “Conquer the World” … but have you ever thought of conquering yourself?

Have you taken that uplifting energy when you feel under such in influent energy towards mastering who you are and taking the time to get to know you?

The same way you can maybe do researches of a place you would like to visit or when you work on a project… and you end up knowing a lot about it… do you know a lot about you… about your true self, about who your Authentic self is?

Do you find yourself just going with the flow with what your environment dictates who you are and who you might be… instead of really going with the flow with yourself?

I invite you to take the time to visit yourself… get to know who you are.

I invite you to maybe describe yourself to someone else… pretend you are someone else and describe that person that is you, to someone else… and listen to what you say. Does it sound like your true self of just an image you perpetrate?

Listen to your emotions and misalignment you sometimes might have. Take the time to do a little inventory of those as they will indicate you who you are vs who your true self is.

Once that is clear… now conquer yourself and surmount those fears and those blockages that might be misguiding you.

It is work in progress as it might require you to change some habits or some vocabulary… and maybe even some friends.

When you conquer a mountain, you carry with you only what you need, and you carry as light as possible. And when you conquer a mountain you make sure you have the right gear, or you have the skills to face the unexpected… or the people having those skills and equipment with you.

Same goes when you conquer yourself. You have skills and wisdom for light equipment… and you have your inner guidance for companion. Surround yourself with the people you would love to travel with… to travel your journey.

Conquering yourself is learning to know your true self… the one that you are when you feel with your heart, when you desire with your heart and when you dream with your heart.

Nathalie 🙂



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