Bird’s-eye view

Do you sometimes feel that you can see the whole picture?

Do you sometimes have the impression that you can see from a bird’s-eye view where you are heading?

Do you sometimes have such a view but doubt it’s accuracy?

Whether you are intuitive, or you have flashes, keep your compass pointed to your True North.  This is you connecting with your highest power, your highest self. The more aligned you are, the more it can happen.  

Your True North is your Authentic self, your Source, the essence of who you are.

You have an internal compass guiding and aligning you with your Authentic self.

Your inner guidance is like the pilot guiding you making sure your internal compass is always pointing toward your True North.

Sometimes, you can also choose to have a bird’s-eye view… either by meditating to take your distance from something, or by allowing yourself to be an observer of a situation.

Observing from such a distance is allowing you to see the whole picture. It can also be of help when you need some personal adjustment.  It can help you recalibrate your inner compass.

Keep your True North as it will move you into the right direction… always… even when you cannot yet connect the dots.

Nathalie 🙂



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