A little chat with yourself

Do you have conversation with yourself? You know those little self-talk, whether they are out loud or in your head… do you have those chat once a while?

If and when you do… what kind of conversation do you have? Negative ones? Positive ones? Do you have your own voice, or do you hear your mother or your father punishing you type of voice and style?

I invite you to take the time to be the observer of those conversations you have.  Try to see with who you are having those chat if it was with someone else.

You might notice that some seems full of judgment and some seems full of love and understanding. Some are conversations that may seem very logic but leaving you with a sense of failure or a sense of not having done enough or lacking of something… those are conversations with your Ego.

There is an old saying that goes something like you can talk to yourself but if one day you hear an answer… you are crazy.

Well… learn how to become crazy! Answers from your inner self are different than the “common sense” ones the Ego pushes.

You can practice having conversation with yourself, your inner self, your wise self.

You can do that by listening once you thought something or said something to yourself. Listen what comes after.  Silence? A feeling? A good or a bad one? An action to take? From the reactive you or from your heart?

Listen and observe where it is coming from.

The reason why it is important to practice having conversation with yourself and your inner self, is that you will have a better understanding of when it is your inner guidance and when it is your Ego guiding you.

One day you might surprise yourself having a full back and forth conversation with yourself… yes… welcome to the crazy side… where you can have conversation with your inner self, your inner guidance.

And… surprise… it is only crazy to the ones that never experienced it.

It is one of the sanest way to be… because that is when you start being aligned with your authentic self. That is when you can understand your challenges and your life lessons.

Trust the loving chat and the positive chat and the motivational ones. The ones inspiring you to be better and to love who you are and what you do.

The deeper you will go with your emotions and your meditation or any way you use to center yourself, the better chat you will have with your inner self, because you can only be true in those discussions… lies are not allowed and there are no filters… if you put any filter, your Ego is in the way.

If you do not know how to cut loose from having your Ego in the way… you can pretend you are having a silent conversation with a mentor, a wise person that you like a lot… and you might be surprised how their wisdom that you know, because you chose him or her as mentor, comes confirming what you already know within yourself.  Just like a child would say “Hm! I wonder what my mother would tell me about…”

Go on… try it. Enjoy you chat!

Nathalie 🙂



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