Allowing love

Some people are strong and feel strong but there come times when they do need help and feel helped yet, they feel guilty or vulnerable as soon as it comes to receiving.

Some people are strong and feel strong but there come times when they need balance in their life, and they do not really know where the imbalance is, neither how being balanced should feel like… they too need receiving.

Some people are so busy at being focused and ready to move mountains that they do not allow love into their life.

Some people love with a pure heart, love with passion or love unconditionally, and when it comes to allowing others to love them, they are not sure, or they are not trusting, or they do not know how to receive it so they ignore that need… because it might seem easier to deal with life this way.

Do this resonate with you?

Being strong is love. Being strong is receiving as much as giving.

Being a warrior is having skills to focus and go on no matter what.

The warrior inside of you might be strong… but know that it takes also a lot of strength to allow others to love you.

Use your warrior’ skills to break the barriers so you can receive love and help from others.

Use those warrior’ skills to plan how you can break those chains tying your Ego to your emotions freeing you from those vulnerable and guilt emotions, thinking that you cannot be strong and “needing” something in the same time and that “needing” love is a weakness.

The people around you, whether they are close to you or not, also have love to give and share. Giving and receiving love is part of a balanced life.

Can you take a moment to stop to think how many times you rejected love? Not just love from lovers but love from friends, family members and colleagues?

Think of it this way… when you allow love from others, you give them that space to also give. You allow the warrior inside of them to also be alive.

When you know you have such a warrior’s heart, use those warrior’s skills to plan and move forward, not to keep people’s love away.

Nathalie 🙂



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