Spring clean your emotions.

Are you aware of your emotions? All of them, even the ones underneath others?

Do you know you can do a little cleaning of your emotions like you do a spring cleaning of a house? After all, your body… is your house.

Some emotions have evolve into something different yet, with thoughts or habits, it is possible to hold on to some emotions because they make you feel good or secure, or the opposite, you might feel guilty of letting go of some emotions and allowing yourself to feel good  and be happy now.

When you feel something even if for a second, look what thought or what thing made you feel that.

Ask yourself if it was something in the past that is no longer an issue and why you keep remembering this with that specific feeling… this is bringing an awareness to your feeling and the association you have with it.

Is it still accurate?

Is it something you should be working on and avoid it, and it resurfaces once a while to see if it is the right time now to address that issue the feeling brought up?

Is it something you hold on to because you do not want to let go of something or someone?

The same way you would, let’s say, do the same with an object in the house or a piece of clothing or furniture, do the same with your emotions; ask yourself if it is something you need now, something you use or something from the past no longer necessary.

When it is something from the past that serves you as a positive or a keep-going motivator, like your favorite chair where you love to sit and read, it is a good keep, otherwise it might be time to let go and say thank you because it once serves its purpose but it is no longer needed in this new you that you became and that you are.

Spring clean your emotions like you would do for your house. And if you never did a spring cleaning… just do a regular cleaning to dust off the old.

 Nathalie 🙂



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