Are you surrounded by walls protecting you from outside conditions?

Did you consciously build some walls to protect you from negative people or situations or simply from things that scares you?

Those walls may create a sense of protection from what is outside, but they also limit yourself.

Some walls are very important and necessary while you learn to protect yourself and learn how to. Eventually, when you know how to listen to your Inner guidance and find your happy place wherever you are and through whatever the outside conditions are, they then become limitations. They already were, but now they keep you from moving forward.

Those same walls that are protecting you are also limiting you.

They limit what might come in therefore they limit your experiences, your life experiences, and your growth experiences.

On the other side of those walls, there is a blue sky and some beautiful things waiting for you to be discovered. You might even see them when you look over the walls.

On the other side of those walls, magic is happening, and you might not be part of it. Your ego-based mind is playing a big role in keeping you feeling safe within your walls.

Those walls might be protecting you from the unknown, but it is that same unknown that is creating your world, your dreams. That unknown is only unknown to your ego-based mind.

While you learn how to trust your Inner voice and your Inner guidance, protection feels right and is welcome; it pushes away the worries and the fears ̶ or so you think.

When you know how to hear and understand your own Inner compass, bring down some walls… one by one if you prefer. There is no need to destroy your new confidence either.

Open your horizon. Your Inner guidance is always protecting you; it is your invisible wall protecting you with your intuition skills.

Trust that there is a magnificent blue sky in the unknown behind the walls you built. Trust that what you saw once a while is there waiting for you to explore it.

When you have the desire for more and yet you still feel hesitant about opening yourself to it, opening your world and your sacred space to others, know that it is time to do so, and you have a strong warrior inside of you protecting you… and the experiences you will have, just like the challenges, are all yours to conquer your fears and to help your personal development bringing you more spiritual awareness.

Trust that there is something magnificent on the other side of those walls and you will see it when those walls will come down.

Take the time to write down a few walls you know you have built keeping you safe from the unknown, but also limiting your movements of exploring your world, your life.

What comes up to your mind when you know that you have built some walls around you? What are they keeping you from experiencing?  Be aware of the experiences you are ready for, but your ego-based mind makes you think that you are not, makes you believe that you are not skilled and prepared and ready for? You already have all the skills you need for your next step, and the ones you need for the following step can only come with more learning and more practice.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂

(Note: This is an edited version 2022. I am editing each blog article to bring them into their book form correcting typos and adding little things here and there to make the content complete. I thought it would better reflect its message in giving you the edited version.)



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