Restore the balance.

Sometimes, before we move on to somewhere else, the Universe gives us a window of opportunity to restore the balance, like just enough time to be wiser and to appreciate what was, which in fact was there and happening  all along to help us move on with more wisdom, knowledge and awareness.

It could be longer but you know that last week before you move to another city or that last week before you change job if you ever experienced something like this, or any major change that makes you moving on physically, often people and situations will create opportunities for you to make peace and to see with a different perspective.

Nothing will have changed except maybe your energy as you are leaving to something new.

The chaos that might have been there and that created the desire for a change has no longer the same value for you.

The Universe always gives you that perfect time to restore the balance. You need to open your heart to see it coming. The energy is different. The energy comes from the heart.

That time to restore the balance is important for you, for your own path as you can close a chapter with lessons learned so you might not have to repeat them later.

Chaos precedes changes and precedes a time when you will move on. The decision to do so might not be easy and unless you look at it with a growth perception, it might last longer than desire.

Restoring the balance is forgiving.

Restoring the balance is accepting what is… is what is.

Restoring the balance is accepting that what happened had its reasons and is always coming before you moving on.

Nathalie 🙂



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