Be like the spring.

Stop being the victim of your own story. The one you are telling yourself over and over… again. You already know that story and you have the first role in that story of yours.

Stop feeling powerless to change it. It might not come overnight, and it might take a lot of self-work, but you have the power to change it as it is your life and your story.

Some might only want to change a few things, nothing major.

Some might love the way it is and wish to simply change a few details or a few characters in their story.

Whether the changes are small or big, stop feeling powerless to change them. Easier said than done… so… start by telling yourself a new story. Ask your inner guidance to help you create that new story, that new life. Listen to your inner guidance to know which changes to do and when.

What is the story you wish to tell instead? Tell it! Start enjoying the new scenario, not erasing what is already done but seeing the next scene, the new part to come.

Co-create it with your inner self.

Grow the idea and create that new story… it is yours.

Be like the spring. A renewal of life.

Grow those new ideas and new affirmations about yourself and your life.

After you will have stopped to take the time to find what you would like to plant and see grow, watch the new life take place.

This is your life.

Water it daily so it can grow into this new life you can design. Water with care when it is needed and with the right amount, do not force anything so you see them grow successfully.

Be patient.

Create yourself.

Believe in yourself.

Trust your inner self, your inner guidance. Trust the Universe co-creating with you.

The transition from one story to another will bring life lessons. It might require forgiveness, flexibility, patience and trust.

Spring shows all the color and beautiful creation blooming in its own time. Spring bring new life.

Be like the spring, create a new story, your story.

Nathalie 🙂



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