Do you sometimes hesitate about which direction to choose?

Do you have hesitation that seems to grow instead of diminishing as you go? Not only for the major decisions to take but also in daily life little situations?

Have you been yourself always hesitant and very often asking for others’ opinion before to choose anything… that is personal to you and your life? There could be many reasons why, and no matter what they are… this is not about that.

This is about you not listening to your inner voice, your inner guidance showing you the direction.

A direction that might not always seem to make sense or that might not seem logical when you do not aligned enough to see the bigger picture, but a direction that is for your highest good… always.

Instead of asking other people with their own inner guidance for your direction, the one that is best for your highest good, you can ask them to help you shine some light so you can find your own direction.

You will definitely be guided to the direction that is leading you to your desire, you goal or your dream. You will definitely be guided towards what is the best for you, for your life lessons to still learn and for you soul’s desire on your personal life path… the one you are walking on.

Yes you might receive very good information from others and they might be right about the direction you should or could go… just make sure it is aligned with you… so ask your inner guidance to confirm. It is as simple as this… ask your inner guidance to confirm. And listen.

You will definitely be guided to what is best for your highest good and yes, some detours and life lessons are for your highest good.

Connect with your authentic self, with your heart, so you can see clearly the best direction.  

Open your eyes as some indications might come in on big huge highway signs and some might come on tiny signs behind tree branches that you can see only when the wind moves them.

Nathalie 🙂



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