Protecting your energy.

Without getting into the physical reasons that could keep your energy level low, do you know what drains your energy?

Are you aware of your environment and your thoughts? Can you clearly list what is going on and which emotions seem to drain your energy?

You are the only one that can fix this.

Of course, it is easy to think that it could be easier if the environment was changing, whether it is work or family situations…  even a fun time can end up draining your energy.

Take a moment to stop and look at where you put most of your energy?

Is there any way you can look at it and change your thought about it so your energy level would not decrease as much? Can you take some inspired actions towards positive changes? I specified inspired actions because some actions might be coming from the Ego trying to protect a false premise… which does not help protecting your energy.

Take the time to look at what seems to drain your energy? Is it the situation or the way you think about it?

Peace is your to be… as long as you do not pursue what is not for you and not for your own good.

Peace is yours to be… as long as you do not pursue something that might have been once good but is not anymore.

Protecting your energy is being aware of your environment and being aware of your mind set.

Protect your energy like you would protect anything that you love dearly. Your energy level creates your now therefore creates your future as what you do today for yourself and your environment is a little part of your tomorrow, with what you will start tomorrow with.

Reaching for peace is your objective… peace of heart, peace of mind and peace in your life.

Being aware of what is not for you is a way to peace.

Nathalie 🙂



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