Starting with the result.

Do you have a dream and you have no idea how to make it happen? Are you trying to plan it and control the way so you can see it through?

You can start with the result… yes, you can start by what you already know… the dream idea you had. You probably imagined a little bit of it if it became a dream of yours. You might even have seen the whole scene or script of the last part of it. It could be that it came in a flash, a glimpse so you might not have the complete idea yet.

When you do not know what is the next step or how to make it happen, remember you are co-creating it and you only need to walk the best path that is designed not only to get you there but to learn what you need to acquire to fully enjoy it.

So… you can start asking for a “specific result”, when you are not sure what you clearly desire in detail… by looking into how that result make you feel at its best.

You probably already know how you want to feel… this is a start. You probably know who is in this dream… that is another start. Go with what you know and forget about the how to get there as many people will come in and out along the way, and life experiences will start and some end also to bring you there. You do not need to have it all figured out in the next minutes or even days.

It is not necessary to see the planning step by step in advance and sometimes, you might even have an idea that is something to come way later in the process but follow the inspired actions for the next step to work on, to plan, to do.

Listen to your inner guidance and to what is around you. Listen to how you feel. The Universe co-creates with you the best designed path to make this dream successful, so asking for an outcome or looking into the result also mean asking for the “result” of a step not only the big dream day itself. Each step is a little desire too… as is the present moment.

Starting with the result does not mean you do not plan it but knowing what you desire in the end will clear the path to your imagination and clear the way towards it.

Starting with the result does not mean you will not do anything to get there, it means that your energy will not clutter the way.

And… result does not mean exclusively the big ending but all the little results along the way that creates the present moment.

Nathalie 🙂



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