Being flexible within.

You already know that flexibility is a must to adapt well to circumstances and go through life with less resistance… but what about your flexibility within?

You can adapt to a situation and might even seem flexible… when inside… a lot of emotions are eating you as you are not as flexible with your thoughts and beliefs.

Thoughts should be as flexible as the water under the ice on a winter river. Whatever the outside conditions are, there is still movement and growth underneath the ice. There is a fluidity, the water moving and contouring the rocks and finding a way to get through and move forward.

Being flexible within might not always be visible. Some people seems rigid when in fact, whatever they are going through and are accepting requires from them a lot of flexibility in their own belief system.

You are going through challenges on your personal life path,  having you inner guidance helping you going through life for your own evolution with your personal life lessons.

The level of flexibility is as variable as everything else and it is something that expands with challenges and life lessons… but also with success, achieving goals and realizing dreams.

You are the only one that can bring flexibility to your thoughts. You can do that in being curious about everything as much as you can, in learning and trying something new, and in listening to your inner guidance through life lessons and your Ego showing you where you have some work to do.

Acrobats and contortionists requiring physical flexibility practice daily and become more and more flexible with time and also in taking care of their body… it is the same with the flexibility of thoughts, it requires practice and yes daily practice is possible as everyday something new can be learned.

Being open minded is a wonderful way to flexible thoughts.

Nathalie 🙂



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