Creating your own path.

Creating your own path may often feel like you are walking alone. It may sometimes feel like you are wandering around not really sure of the next step as there is none traced in front of you to follow.

It could also be a scary experience as some doubts or lack of confidence feelings may arise.

It could feel like walking in the desert… alone.

If your focus is on the heavy negative feelings or on the infinite possibilities, it might keep you from seeing the signs showing you a way, the way that has been designed for you to get to your desire, your goal, your dream…. that oasis in the middle of the desert.

Those signs are the Universe showing you a designed path laid especially for you. Yes, the path might be a custom design by the Universe, but it is always your choice to correct course it with adjustment you request along the way.

The oasis will remain there waiting for you to reach it and enjoy it. That oasis, like everything in Nature, will change and adjust to what you are adding or subtracting from your desire, your goal, your dream along the way.

It is easier to create your own path when you listen to your inner guidance, when you have a good relationship with your inner self, your highest self.

The beauty of being in the desert and creating your own path is you can observe and look all around you what is and breathe in the beauty of it all. When you observe the beauty of all the possibilities and open yourself to follow your inner guidance, which will help you create your own path because it knows your desire, when you are aligned with your highest self, you will see the light shining on your path like a lantern indicating you the direction. Those lights will shine in beautiful bright sunlight as they will in the cold darkness of the nights.

When you are creating your own path, you are not walking alone, you are walking with your inner gladiator, your inner strength. Once a while, resting will be the only thing you may want to do when the heaviness of some negative feelings you carry slows you down, because is it while you rest that you regain a new level of awareness feeding your strength for the next walking and creating phase.

When you create your own path, you are actually co-creating it as you may walk it and decide what it is that you wish for, but you have the Universe’s help that designs it with you, from your requests.

This is what creating your own path is… you create it with your requests, sometimes you might meet people waking with you for a while and sometimes you might walk alone for a long time but your inner guidance is always there and so is your inner gladiator… your inner guidance’s co-worker.

Go for it… create your own path… it will lead you to your custom-made desire.

Nathalie 🙂



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