Choosing Harmony

Do you sometimes feel out of balance?

Do you know the feeling of misalignment? When your heart seems to not be in sync with what is going on.  When your inner voice tells you something and your mind seems to tell you otherwise.

Have you ever found yourself in a personal chaos where any choice seems to be a better option?

Choosing harmony is always the best option. Of course… we all know that… but do you do it?

Experiencing harmony and feeling it with your heart, with your core is actually the indication that the choice was the right one.

Yes, it might not always be obvious to see which option or which way is the harmonious one as some will bring harmony only later and might not look like harmony to start with. Those delayed harmony outcome choices are the ones that feels right from your heart’s point of view. The ones you can clearly hear from your inner voice.

Choosing harmony is going into the direction that will ease a little, if not a lot, the chaos.

Sometimes, it is going out of your own way… and not getting it… the way you expected or preferred but the way that is best for the highest self… yours and anyone else involved if there are any.

When you choose harmony over chaos, the energy starts shifting even if it is not tangible the minute you make the choice.

Harmony will comes with positive feelings, a relief sensation and eventually a positive outcome.

The Ego is not always a big fan of harmonious choices and it certainly will not like much to be silenced when you will have to listen to your inner guidance in the middle of chaos to hear which one is the harmonious choice.

Choosing harmony brings a sensation of relief. When it doesn’t, it might mean you chose something that was easy at that moment but easy does not equal harmony.

Choosing harmony does not mean you will avoid your responsibilities, but it means you will be responsible enough to do what needs to be done to create that harmony to bring back the balance into your life.

Choosing harmony will bring balance back, will level up the energy and will bring freedom.

You will know you have chosen harmony when you will feel complete, content and satisfied.

You can only work on creating balance into your own life as you do not know what the others need for their own highest self and what lesson they are working on every minute. You can only choose harmony for your own equilibrium… don’t worry… if you listen to your inner guidance… it will create beautiful waves.

Nathalie 🙂

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