The Open door

You probably heard the saying about when a door closes, another one opens?

And how do you know which other one is the one to cross?

You could choose to open a door because it is the closest one?

You could choose to open a door because you like its color?

You could choose to open a door because you like how you feel when you look at it?

You could choose to open a door because you like the smell coming from the other side?

You could choose to open a door because it brings back a good memory?

There are so many reasons why you would choose one over another.

Some might be locked and if you don’t have the key, it becomes an easy one to avoid.

Some might not be locked but something is keeping them from opening and if you listen to your inner guidance you might hear to walk away.

If you are stubborn a little, or if you like to push and continue to make it happen without your inner guidance and intuition, you might force it open and you may or may not succeed at it. If you succeed at opening it through your strength and your stubbornness, you may find yourself breaking it in doing so as it was not easy to open.

Same goes if you are not patient enough to wait and see which one you should open, and you smash one open because you had enough of waiting and you prefer “controlling” the situation to move on.

When you open a door pushing it and smashing it to open, you will find yourself walking over some debris. It does not mean you cannot get over them and it also depends on the size of them… you may have to do a little detour, and you may even injure yourself a little or a lot, again depending on the debris.

If you would have listened to your inner guidance and waited a little, you would have been presented a door that would have opened effortlessly. A door for which you have the key or a door that did not need any key because it would have been already unlocked for you.

Sometimes you could even be holding a special key, allowing you to open more than one door and you could have the pleasure to choose which one to open because either way would be good for you at that moment.

Sometimes you may find yourself in front of an open door right there visible and bright, but you are afraid to cross it and stay there trying to figure out if there would not be another one, just in case.

On your life path, you have those doors, those choices and the key is your knowledge… the new knowledge you have when a door closes behind you.

On your journey, many options are sometimes available like those many doors and one option may seem to be perfect, yet, you do not have the key to open that door. You could choose to still go that way no matter how because you choose so and you will still go further on your journey, but you might not be totally prepared for what will be waiting for you… and it is not wrong, it is not a bad thing… you will have beautiful lessons in those debris.

When you cross the effortlessly open doors, you know you are ready for what is on the other side.

Nathalie 🙂



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