The unknown

Setting a goal, following a dream, working on a project… is work in progress.

Each step count as each one will bring you to the next one.

You might face a step that will require courage and letting go of your fear. You might face a step which will be the only one you can see, leaving you with this feeling of facing the unknown.

The unknown can be scary and bring out a lot of negative emotions.

It is like crossing this bridge, this icy bridge… bringing you to what seems another unknown part of the path.

It is not about controlling your thoughts or your actions that will help you move forward without fear in an instant. It is about focusing on the “now” step.

It is about listening to the path and the steps according to your goal, your dream, your project.

It is about listening to the path that lies in front of you leading the way to your goal, your dream, your project in being one with the next step and only that next one which is feeling with your heart the decision and action towards it in the present moment. Remaining aware of the now without worrying about the next move. It is being one with your now.

It is one step at a time, never trying to see the following one but keeping your focus on the one you are taking.

Once a while you will have a glance at all the steps creating the path ahead, but focus is a present thing, it is in the now.

The best next step will reveal itself when you get there. On that icy bridge example, the snow covering the ice might keep you from seeing it until you get there; the ice breaking under your feet might move what’s ahead.

When following your dreams, follow the steps one at a time no matter if you understand it or not as the path is traced and you only need to follow it wisely. You might also be asking a change of course along the way and those decisions are made from the steps already taken.

Following your inner guidance and your inner voice will lead you to the right move to make.

When hiking, there is some sort of a trail, a path that will lead you towards the right direction, the best one that is. It is a traced path either by others or by a leader doing its job of opening it, and you can follow it safely even if some parts might be more challenging than others. When you pay attention to where you are, it is easier to not find yourself off the trail.

When you follow your dreams, the path was traced by the Universe once you decided to walk that path. It was designed for you to get safely where you want to go. It might not always be obvious where to step next is, just like on an icy bridge or on a rocky trail, but once a while you will see something indicating you the way. And it will be safe one step at a time.

You cannot see very far in a forest, yet you follow the path trusting it will lead you where you are heading.

When trusting is an issue, remember a successful goal, a successful dream or a successful project, or even a successful vacation you already had to help you create a better memory of the unknown. You made it one step at a time, one action after the other one and each one was revealing the next one.

You know it is possible.

The Universe, whatever your beliefs are, can design a path, will design a path for you… is designing a path for you when you ask something.

It does not matter how long or how challenging it is… you can only get to the destination one step at a time focusing on the “now” step.

Knowing a path is traced, there is no more unknown… it is only unknown to you… and not really… as if you stay in the present moment, you know what it is as you are focusing on it and living it.

Nathalie 🙂



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