Leaving a Legacy

Let me start by asking if you have ever felt like being part of something greater than just going on with your life? Where all you experienced seems to be an inspiration for others? Where all your knowledge shared with others seemed to have help them as much as it helped you learning all that you know and experienced?

You might be called to leave a greater legacy. You might have heard that call to do something with this.

Everybody makes a difference in this world and in someone’s life. Everybody. Everybody is special. Everybody has a message. Some share their message, and some do not.

Some people have it within themselves in this life time to share it with as many people as they can. That… is leaving a legacy in order to help others… in order to shine some light on their life path, easing their way to an awareness. This is being a knowledge tool. A lightworker.

Life path number 22, is one of a Master builder with the capacity to lead, manage, promote and be part of something great once their personal major life lessons are learned and mastered.

Wherever the skills and area this is done, it can help many, so this calling needs to be answered. It may not be an overnight work and may be decades of work in progress.  Leaving a legacy is leaving a life time of experiences and knowledge and lessons learned positively and wisely.

It is extracting all the message and extracting the positiveness to then share that with others.

It is inspiring and motivating.

People leaving legacies have been through challenges where they had to persist through adversity; where they had to embrace their surroundings and surrender to change; where flexibility was their must skill to have in their own toolbox; where they themselves learned gradual progress; where they had to build and rebuilt a solid foundation; where they had to master the balance of emotions and balance their personal life as hard workers.

When you feel such a calling, listening to your intuition, to your inner guidance will help you to know which way to do this and in which direction to move forward so whatever you will leave behind will be for the greater good.

Nathalie 🙂



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