Do you need to see perfection to appreciate something?

Perfection as you see it is created with your own standards, your own ideas and your own desires.

What is perfection to one is imperfection to another. Therefore, imperfection is perfection.

Do you go through life waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect time, the perfect anything?  The moment you felt it was right, but suddenly wasn’t because your Ego sent some doubts into your equation and decided to wait for perfection… it was already perfection… because imperfection is perfection.

Yes, there are things and situations where you prefer some planning. And there are those when the moment you had a strong inner desire and a strong inner positive and beautiful feeling… you chose to see the missing whatever there wasn’t.

It goes the same with everything surrounding you. A beautiful flower can be beautiful with an ant on its petal… it is simply a different picture than one without an ant. A beautiful green grass can be beautiful with dandelions… it is simply a different picture than grass without any. A beautiful sunset is still a beautiful sunset behind the trees… it is simply a different picture than one with no trees.

Imperfection does not exist if you do not associate perfection with anything but instead, if you look at what is.

Imperfect moment does not exist if you do not associate “perfect moment” with what you would prefer it would be but instead, stay in the moment and appreciate it for what it is.

It goes the same with the obstacles on your life path…  your life is not less perfect because you encounter those obstacles unless you focus on those obstacles. Your life is yours with all it includes.

It is all about your focus point.

Imperfection is perfection as there is no such thing as a definite perfection.

Nathalie 🙂



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