Saying no to others is saying yes to yourself

This is about learning to say no to others when you are not doing anyone a service.

This is a no from your heart not from your Ego.

This is a no said with your intuitive mind.

Learning to say no can be a long learning process.

Often, at first, you might find yourself saying no when it was okay to say yes.

Often, at first, you might be saying no and may be feeling guilty afterward if you do not decide to change your no for a yes.

This is about saying no when you would have liked to say yes to yourself.

This is about saying no when no was a wise answer… from the heart.

Saying no to others is saying yes to yourself.

Some people have no problem saying no, yet, many have this as one of their major life lessons. The blueprint of a personal life path number 6 is of someone very nurturing, someone in service to others. Such a life path comes with feeling responsible therefore feeling guilty when you care for yourself. This is why it is a major life lesson to learn to say no to those nurturing people. (You can read yesterday’s article to know a little more about the personal blueprint).

Have you ever felt a strong desire to stay home for example, to find yourself going out with some friends because you had “nothing else” to do… maybe that personal time alone was for you to recharge your batteries?

Have you ever felt a desire to eat something you needed to cook or get out to buy, finding yourself eating the easiest choice instead… maybe that first idea was for your body to get the nutriment it needed?

There are many examples like these when saying no was saying yes to yourself too. Those moments are saying no to your Ego and saying yes to yourself.

Saying no…  to say yes to yourself is a no from the heart, is a no from your intuitive mind, is a no for your highest good and the highest good of the other too… as we are often tools in other’s life.

Take the time to listen to yourself when you say no and when you say yes. Look where the answer is coming from.

Observe your feelings when you say yes and when you say no. Observe what would be the result if you were to say the opposite.

Do not forget that it is okay to say yes to yourself.

Taking care of yourself is important if you want to continue to take care of others.

Saying no once a while is saying yes to yourself and might be what the other needs to hear for its own growth and personal development.

Nathalie 🙂



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