Are you working hard and expect the same from others?

Are you working with someone “working hard” and that someone think you do not, and expect you to work harder?

Each individual has their personal blueprint. That personal blueprint is what makes you unique even though you might share the same life path or the same life lessons as someone else.

Yours is only yours as you do not share the same mind, the same culture, the same education, the same environment to name a few differences. It goes the same for twins or siblings… they do not share the same environment 24 hours all their life nor the same mind.

That is part, among other things, of what makes your blueprint unique.

That blueprint comes with your personal life purpose, your personal life path, your personal destiny, your personal life lessons, your personal ways of expressing yourself, your personal strengths and weaknesses. Your life lessons will bring different challenges as you learn from them or as you master them.

This… creates expectations… not only in your own life but from others as well.

Without knowing the blueprint of someone else, it is easy to think that everybody is going on the same life path, yes maybe with their own challenges, but all going in the same direction.

Actually, the only “same” direction everyone is going is to be a better self and be their authentic self.

Sharing interests or work place or love life may create possibilities of expectations.

It might become easy to expect something from people you know.

It might become easy to expect something from someone you may even do not know just because the position they are in.

Little parenthesis here if I may: in this image above you see a number 4 apart from the others, because this hard-working type is a number 4 life path in numerology. The blueprint of a number 4 is someone dedicated and practical. Someone determined and a hard worker. Someone very honest with good old fashion values.  Someone that may not tolerate easily the others who are not bringing the same kind of dedication as they do or as they think should be done and given. They can be flexible and more understanding with a good relationship with their inner self, their highest self.

It is easy to expect from others what seems simple for us.

It is easy to expect from others what we understand ourselves.

Those expectations are the Ego controlling the situation and the others.

Those expectations come from a misalignment within yourselves, not with the others.

Such expectations are not coming from accepting the other one with its own personal blueprint.

Expectations is when you create a different story than what is.

Each individual with its own blueprint creates their own stories and their own expectations. Yes, sometimes it can concord with someone else’s… it remains a way to take control over the situation.

Having a personal blueprint does not mean one cannot improve or change… au contraire… knowing your blueprint actually ease improvements and personal development.

Not knowing someone else’s blueprint, but knowing it exists can help slow down the expectations if not totally cease them to be… with practice and in being aligned with your inner self.

Nathalie 🙂



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