The Power to influence

How often have you felt drawn to help someone? It does not matter for which reason you felt called to help or you felt you had to out of guilt.

And how many times have you felt like you have failed at it?

Wherever the healing is needed, all you can do is plant a seed… hopefully a good one. You cannot do the healing for someone else.

You do not have the power to heal but you do have the power to influence.

You do not have the power to heal someone, because each one of us has the power to heal ourselves. It is from within that any healing can take place.

We are tools to help others.

As a global health therapist, I can tell you that whether it is in naturopathy, massage therapy or during a Reiki session, the power to heal is never mine, but the power to influence wisely, to use my skills and knowledge to create an awareness, the power to impact a level up of energy… that…  is possible.

You can help in bringing consciousness.

You can help in creating an awareness in order to release from within what is needed to help the healing take place or continue.

Your power to influence is like helping the others finding a light switch within themselves.

The power to influence can come in so many forms either simple ones and some requiring more skills, professional or not: words, examples, sharing personal experiences, sharing knowledge, healing therapies, a simple presence and holding hands are among many possibilities.

Make sure you do it wisely as every bit of help has some sort of influence and has an impact.

Yet… when you feel you might have been helping the wrong way… that was also help as it may have awakened or triggered something. You always have the power to influence even without knowing it. There is no right or wrong way when you do it with your heart following your own inner guidance and your own intuition.

When you seem to have no idea or no more “solution” or tools in your toolbox to help a friend or someone you know… silence is a precious tool.

When you catch yourself thinking that it does not come from the heart anymore and it might be you analyzing too much the situation for the other, or maybe your own Ego taking control thinking it can heal someone else’s life… silence can be your magic tool and power.

You cannot heal someone, but you have the power to influence… in so many ways.

Nathalie 🙂



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