Drum roll and fireworks

Do you notice the small changes in your life or only the big ones?

Are you aware of the tiny miracles along your journey… the small things that once all connected create the progression of your life?

Often it is easier to see and acknowledge the ones making a big or a bigger difference.

Those may even be the only ones you are looking for to accept a change or any changes… to accept to see a difference in your life… to accept that something is going on, something is moving on.

The bigger ones are often expected as signs to follow for sure as the smaller ones may leave you with some doubts. That is a perception the Ego loves to use and play with.

Your life is in constant progression. Learn how to see it to appreciate it.

Your life is in constant progression and it will require small and big changes along the way… not always associated with drum roll and fireworks.

There is a continuous evolution and although you may be aware of some tangible things changing the way it is, the subtle ones are part of its success too.

Changing a habit that did not require any effort can be a small progression.

Changing a behavior that seem to be a “go with the flow” way to be from now on can be a small progression.

The progression of your life will require small and big new things or ways.

Between drum roll ones, when you feel nothing is going on, take a step back. Look at where you were and see all the tiny differences from that point of view you took to see how far you have come.

The tiny ones might be a new knowledge, a new perspective, a new lesson, a new thought… that you did not have a few days before or a month before, or a few years ago.

Even in a recurring pattern there is something new the moment you live it. Look at it from a distance as an observer.

The progression of your life will require small and big new things and ways. Make sure you allow such progression in being open to receive new ideas and new opportunities as small as they can be.

Learn to appreciate and see how the small ones are also wonderful as maybe they do not come with drum roll and fireworks, but they sure can bring the same feeling of wonder once you see them.

Nathalie 🙂



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