The Color of your life.

The color of your life lies within yourself.

Each life experience is there to help you add a color to your “paint by number” you.

Each lesson learned help show a color out.

Once you have mastered a life lesson, you are no longer the same as you were.

Whatever the lesson was that you have learned and maybe mastered, it will shine out and make you more beautiful.

It will also help you see the colors of life outside of yourself, as you can only see outside and on others what you have within yourself.  

Were you aware that what you do not like in the world and on others is there to bring an awareness of what you can work on within yourself? Maybe not exactly as you see it, but with an introspection, self-help and sometimes professional help, you can become aware of the work you can do on yourself to be a better you.

Same with all the beautiful things you see on others, you also have those wonderful qualities in you although sometimes you might think you lack them. Let them out.

The life challenges you encounter are all there for your personal growth as you are here only for your personal evolution, no one else’s.

We are all tools for others and life can put us on other’s path as they are on ours for different reasons, those reasons are to help add a color to our “paint by number” us.

The color of your life lies within yourself.

Use those life experiences and challenges to help you paint a beautiful you.

All the colors that are you… are already within you.

Use all the tools you can get to work on yourself so you can reach that alignment with your authentic self…. the beautiful you with all your colors.

The color of your life lies within yourself.

Nathalie 🙂



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This is actually my personal business card (recto-verso) I co-created with my inner guidance… as I help people seeing the colors within themselves.

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