The Steps

When into the unknown, it means trusting the next step without seeing it.

It means trusting the step that is not even arrived yet.

Waiting for that next step to show up, waiting to hear the next inspired action or seeing the next open door…  is the time to learn what lesson that needs to be learned, or mastered.

Between steps, there is a lesson if not many.

Between steps, lessons will be different because they will go with your emotions of the moment.

Between steps, lessons might come in challenges to bring out an awareness on your blockages and resistance… maybe preventing the next step to show up with the timing you would have liked.

The new knowledge from the previous step and all that you have learned and seen, or where you are at that moment is a variable in your path of life that can even make you change the course of it willingly.

Those lessons are your life experiences and growth so you can have all you need to get to the next step, the next level of your journey.

Each step along your journey bring you to the next one.

Have you ever gone hiking on a mountain where the trail was made of huge rocks? In such trail, you have to look where you put your foot at all time which mean you are always looking down with all of your attention and it is only once you stepped onto the rock that you can see the next rock to step foot on. Yes of course, once a while you can look up for the direction but some rocks are hiding others and you can see them only as you approach them.

Being into the unknown it the same thing, going one step at a time and trusting the direction.

Going back to the hiking example, in some cases, a hand to pull you up or a hand to push you up is needed, as you cannot always do it alone.

Be wise enough to know how to recognize those moments and be humble enough to either ask for help or accept the help offered.

You might want to partner with someone and you also might only be partnering with your inner self.

Either way, listening to your inner guidance and following your intuition will be the security you may be looking for.

Stepping into the unknown and having to go from one inspired action to the next inspired action can bring its load of worries and insecurities, so listening and following your inner guidance will help bring the awareness you will need and help you see the next solid rock to step onto.

Nathalie 🙂



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