How many times have you found yourself taking control because you did not want to wait any longer? And how many times such a situation created a delay in achieving your goal?

Being stubborn and wanting things your way is using your free will over waiting for a maybe better suited moment; the one your inner guidance was showing you to wait for.

Deciding to make something happening on your own terms may sometimes cause a delay in its accomplishment, as while you are being busy controlling and deciding what to do, you are not aware of the signs showing you an effortlessly way to get there.

Free will is choosing what you want, and it is not a bad thing to use your free will to pursue your goals, your dreams, your desires, but make sure it is not simply you being stubborn and letting your Ego take the reins.

Free will is being independent.

Free will is being determined to do something.

Free will can also be acting upon your own judgement… will it be a clear and wise one?

Make sure it is not you being impatient and not able to wait for a better timing, when all the conditions could be in sync allowing a success… maybe even an effortlessly success.

When delays seem to always be an issue, there is a big change that some resistances are causing them.

Free will without your inner guidance and without some wisdom causes delays.

Nathalie 🙂



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