The parallel path

Have you ever not listened to your inner voice, your inner guidance?

Have you ever received some serious advice to end up not listening to it?

This is called free will.

Free will is like the parallel path you take to get to a destination. Free will is the decision you make to get on a certain detour on your life’s journey.

There are no wrong paths, there are some detours that might make it simply longer to get where you would like to go and might require more efforts and hard work.

Your free will is choosing to not follow that inner voice, that inner guidance.

Your free will is choosing to not do certain things knowing that procrastinating will make it worse.

Your free will is choosing to buy that thing you do not like nor need.

Your free will is choosing to not get off that bumper to bumper traffic road when you see an exit for a side road way ahead of you with plenty of time to take it.

Free will is also deciding not to follow everybody because you know it would not be right.

Free will is stepping up to help someone.

Free will is deciding for yourself.

Free will is yours to change the decision, the situation, the possible outcome.

Free will is also not accepting what has been planned or predicted by taking a decision and an action to change it; it is like a course correct action.

In card readings or any other divination tool, free-will is that personal freedom you take over the prediction. I always say that intuitive insight is like a weather forecast. It can tell you it might rain, but it is always up to you to go for the hike you planned although knowing it might be raining, you can be better prepared if you bring the proper clothing.

Free will is your alternative path, your detour, your parallel path.

Enjoy your detour as it will bring you awesome scenery and beautiful things to add to your experience and knowledge and keep checking for the signs telling you, or suggesting you, where the next exit could be.

Nathalie 🙂



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