Being Grateful

When was the last time you truly stopped and enjoyed the present moment? I mean sit down a few minutes, relax and start dressing the list of all you can be grateful for?

Have you even ever done this?

You can write them down of course… but you can also just sit, look at them and be grateful for each one of them.

I do… including the cell phone I use so I can take all those wonderful photos and stay in contact with my loved ones.

Take the time to sit and relax, even if only five minutes… as often as you can.

It is a wonderful way to start a day, but also an instant way to change your energy level.

It is a practical tool to switch a negative mind into a neutral state if not a positive one.

Say a little thank you for everything you can see.

Continue with saying a little thank you for everything that you just showed gratitude for and say another thank you for the reasons why you like those things and the feelings they bring you.

If you have more than five minutes, continue with things that are not around you, but that you are grateful for.

Enjoy what you have and what you see. It is a start.

Be grateful and say it, don’t be shy, just do it.

Be grateful and show it by appreciating it.

Practice with few minutes here and there, and before you know it, you will have put this into your regular habits.

Being grateful is the key to a happy outcome.

Being grateful is the key to a personal growth.

Being grateful is a must to happiness.

Nathalie 🙂



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