Unplanned changes

It is part of the cycle of life to go through changes. There are some we desire, plan and work for, and there are the unplanned ones. The ego-based unplanned ones would be more accurate.

Those are the ones we do not welcome with open arms and open mind… mostly, often because we do not feel ready for them or because they come changing the ego “comfort” zone.

Still, unplanned changes are the ones helping us moving forward and progress.

They are the ones, whether we like it or not, coming into our lives to move things, shake things up a little.

Unplanned changes are blessing in disguised.

The more flexible you will be, the better you will get through them, and that flexibility will also help you stay grounded in that wind of changes.

In planned and unplanned changes, there are always choices, and that flexibility will allow you to see them all.

Planned and unplanned changes are there for personal growth when we keep an awareness open mind.

When unplanned changes are showing up, I am inviting you to listen to your inner guidance to help you see which choice and which direction is best from that moment without stepping into an automatic one, or one that you choose from fear.

Some things might seem out of control and some things might bring you out of your comfort zone, it is perfect, it is okay, because this is where growth and awareness can happen. Allow yourself to grow, to spiritually grow.

Unplanned changes are the Universe way to show you that there is another choice and another direction.

There is always the free will to redirect the course to what was first planned by refusing the change, although that might come with a few bumps on the road as the unplanned changes are like that detour strongly suggested for your own well-being.

Trusting unplanned and even some planned changes can be scary at times. It might require you to trust the unknown, to trust the next step that you haven’t seen yet. It requires trusting in your intuition and inspirations to come, but trusting the planned and unplanned changes will bring you closer to your destination, and your Authentic Self.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂

(Note: This is an edited version 2022. I am editing each blog article to bring them into their book form correcting typos and adding little things here and there to make the content complete. I thought it would better reflect its message in giving you the edited version.)



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