Inspired gifts

Do you have imagination and constantly have ideas or projects coming in mind? Do you treat those ideas like gifts?

I have a vivid imagination and I am constantly inspired with project ideas. It is an open flow of abundance. When I receive an idea, I write it down and sometimes with the complete details, and… since I do not always work on them right away, I end up with a pile of notebooks and papers of wonderful projects to work on.

Do you have those piles too?

Some of the inspired ideas might be for long term projects, crafts, or future articles and books, or projects to start only when another one will be completed first, like if you cannot see yet that they are related, or that you need the knowledge you will receive from the one you will complete before. Others might be something that can be started and finished the same day.

The notebooks and papers piling up does not mean that there is procrastination involved, it can simply be a step-by-step fun that needs the next inspiration to move on.

Working on few things and working from inspirations to know which project to work on, may one day require some decluttering of them all.  Yes, keeping the kitchen table or office space clean and clear is needed once a while, because I don’t know where you keep your notes and papers, but mine are pretty much where I set my working space when I wrote them down.

One day while clearing the table space I needed for another purpose, I came up with the spontaneous idea to put the organized piles of papers in the beautiful box that was next to it, which was meant for something else.  At first, I saw this thought was to hide all the papers in one place, making it easy to take out the next morning to continue what I was working on, but then as I was looking at the boxes I already had for a coming holiday, and all the projects I had going on nicely spread in separate piles, I went further with that idea.

I went out to the store to get cute boxes to separate each subject in different boxes.  It felt like if I was taking care of my wonderful inspired actions that I once received and were there waiting for me to progress. I enjoyed each second in choosing the right box for each one of them, just like I would do for a gift I would give to someone I care for.

Each project became one gift. A gift I once received, and now they were all mine to open when I was feeling inspired to work on them. Sometimes, I was opening a box to add something more to it, and sometimes one box remained open for a week because I was working on it being my main task and project to bring forth.

Receiving an inspiration is a gift.

Receiving an inspiration is something to develop.

Yes, sometimes it requires to partner with someone else to see it through, and other times it is simply being in co-creation with the Universe, to partner with the Universe.

Understanding your inspirations and inspirations actions, seeing that you do receive many can help you become aware of your own pattern and ego-based interference when you receive an inspiration for your dreams and desires. Why not make something fun with them to help your awareness that they are gifts from the Universe?

I left my gifts boxes filled with projects to bring forward out there in the open so I could see and enjoy them. They were not hidden in a closet. Some were on shelves and others on my working space.  

Those boxes are not there to store what’s in it away, but to serve as a reminder that they are gifts and to take care of them like precious gifts. They are a reminder of how beautiful the idea in each box is and the fun it will be to continue working on it. They are taken care of until you do something with it. And they also have less chances of being taken to add a phone number on it or other information you must write down taking the first paper you can grab.

A gift box oppose to a pile of papers can fill you with good energy of appreciation, which might be what you need to bring the project forward and see the light. And knowing that you simply must receive a new inspiration, which you can also ask in meditation can ease your mind. Only your ego-based mind will make you believe you are procrastinating about what’s in it.

Having abundance of ideas and abundance of creativity is like receiving lots and lots of wonderful gifts. It is receiving expressions in motion from the Universe that you are invited to continue. Take the time to take care of them and work on them so you can receive some more with pleasure and appreciation.  Working on them is mindfully unwrapping the gifts you receive.

I am inviting you to treat your inspirations as gifts sent from the Universe.

Take care of your inspirations and “use” them, just like you would wear that bracelet or that new shirt or anything you just received.

Each inspiration, as crazy as one might sound, is something possible, it is something you can create. Yes, it might be something maybe others are also working on, but we received it for our own use, our own creativity, our own purpose, to add our own unique touch, for our own environment, our own sharing or our own business. Many people might receive the same original idea, but the uniqueness of each will make it different in some way.

When they are work related ideas, know that some of the wonderful creative ideas might not be intended to bring an income although they could, but while enjoying working on them and developing them, you put yourself into a joyful receiving mode and might hear other inspirations if you pay attention. Sometimes, they are just tools for your personal growth, to learn something or to inspire others or to help you have divine meetings with others.

Each inspiration serves its purpose, so it is important to listen to them and receive them as a gift from the Universe. Wrap them in beautiful gift boxes so you can open them when you feel like it, following other inspired actions.

Follow your dreams is following your inspirations. Receive those inspirations as gifts.

I am inviting you to assess what you do with your inspirations and inspired actions. Take the time to sit down and write down the ones you remember that you might have not done anything with, and reactivate them in writing them down. Write down also the ones you remember following up on and see what it became and what you have developed so you can take the time to observe your own pattern with your intuition and inspiration. Get some nice gifts boxes and declutter your projects. If you are afraid to forget what is in the boxes, leave them open so you can keep seeing what you receive. This is about learning to see each inspiration as a gift and to see how abundant you are.

While some of those boxes are empty because they have become a done thing, now I like to write my inspirations in Word documents, so it became easier to file them and add to them with following inspirations, and also because I treat everything like a gift now, but I admit I shifted to this when they were coming in so abundantly and I was not at home or at the office to write them down. I still have some beautiful gift boxes containing long term projects and even one containing my taxes papers. Why not? all those papers are filled with abundance and prosperity I received.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂

(Note: This is an edited version 2022. I am editing each blog article to bring them into their book form correcting typos and adding little things here and there to make the content complete. I thought it would better reflect its message in giving you the edited version.)



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